Thursday, 29 November 2012

'Wig' - by Richard

I am from another planet. It's very different from yours. The first thing to mention is that on my planet we don't have hair. We don't have follicles. We don't have long, lustrous, shiny hair, or beards, eyebrows, macho chest hair, pubic hair, or the wiry hair that grows out of ears, nostrils and big toes. We are bald.

When I arrived on your planet I was naked except for a traditional garment, like a big shawl crossed with a toga, crossed with a nappy, that is common on our world. My spaceship crashed in the middle of a large field. A four-legged creature stood nearby, feeding on the green ground-hair that sprouted abundantly around. I had never seen such a sight. On my planet we don't have anything that sprouts from the ground. The rocky scalp beneath our feet is as barren as the flesh-scalp on our heads. I proceeded to the four-legged creature. It was richly furnished with lush brown hair, which I couldn't help but stroke, feeling it's prickly wires.


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